Webinar: How to Best Leverage JWTs for API Security


JSON Web tokens (JWTs) are used massively in API-based applications as access tokens or to transport information across services. Unfortunately, JWT standards are quite complex and itโ€™s very easy to get the implementation wrong. As a result, data breaches and API vulnerabilities due to poor JWT implementation, token leakage, and lack of proper validation remain widespread.

This webinar focuses on JWT best practices, most common JWT attacks and how the 42Crunch API Security Platform leverages OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification extensions to prevent them.

In this webinar, you will learn:
– How to best use JWTs for API Security
– Most common attacks as illustrated in RFC 8725
– How 42Crunch can help you protect your APIs from those attacks

In honor of the holiday spirit we will be giving away a Nano Leaf to the lucky winner of our Kahoot game following the webinar! (A link will be provided to you at the end of the webinar if you’d like to participate.)



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