API Days Paris [Virtual Event]


APIs entered the game with the ability to share data between applications. In different tracking applications developed by governments or startups, we have seen that user consent and ethics were not always able to find a meeting place. There has been a giant cultural gap between technologists, transformers, policy makers and the society.

The companies that have remained buoyant were the ones that have been successful at using APIs to embed their value proposition and business into othes. These companies have been flexible in their demand and able to extend outside their own walls. These companies have shown their ability to reach the long tail and take over underserved market shares exponentially.

Apidays has organized its biggest event of the year to address the following ways in which APIs can help organizations be more aligned with their IT capabilities. We will discuss how to be, more reactive to change, more elastic to demand, more exponential in your reach, more integratable in your development and more consumable by innovators

Additionally, this yearโ€™s program gathers the top API business initiatives and API technologies to help API practitioners get the best of their IT and business, examining topics such as API-driven digital transformation and API Business cases, API lifecycle management, API design and Architecture, API Security and Identity, Developer experience, GraphQL and APIs and Microservices.



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