API 02:2023 — Broken authentication


Poorly implemented API authentication allows attackers to assume other users’ identities, or access resources without any authentication at all.

Use case

  • Unprotected APIs that are considered “internal”
  • Weak authentication that does not follow industry best practices
  • Weak API keys that are not rotated
  • Passwords that are weak, plain text, encrypted, poorly hashed, shared, or default passwords
  • Authentication susceptible to brute force attacks and credential stuffing
  • Credentials and keys included in URLs
  • Lack of access token validation (including JWT validation)
  • Unsigned or weakly signed non-expiring JWTs

How to prevent

  • Check all possible ways to authenticate to all APIs.
  • APIs for password reset and one-time links also allow users to authenticate, and should be protected just as rigorously.
  • Use standard authentication, token generation, password storage, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Use short-lived access tokens.
  • Authenticate your apps (so you know who is talking to you).
  • Use stricter rate-limiting for authentication, and implement lockout policies and weak password checks.

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