API 10:2023 โ€” Unsafe Consumption of APIs


Modern API-based systems tend to be highly interconnected, frequently consuming upstream APIs. Unfortunately, these upstream APIs may themselves be vulnerable and put their consumers at risk.

Use case

  • An upstream API may inadvertently store data provided to it by a consumer, thereby violating the data governance regulations of the consumer.
  • An upstream API provider may be attacked and compromised and then pass malicious data to its consumers due to insufficient internal controls. A typical example is an SQL injection attack.

How to prevent

  • Just like the case with user input, do not trust upstream API data.ย 
  • Filter and sanitize any input data regardless of origin, particularly against injection attacks.
  • Ensure that upstream API providers specify their API contract, and use runtime mechanisms to enforce this contract.
  • Assume upstream API providers are part of your supply chain and verify their internal development processes.ย 
  • Use a secure communication channel at all times.

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