Webinar: OAuth, OWASP, Gateways and Meshes – Oh my!


This webinar was born from a chat around a coffee at a conference, when we discovered we all spent a lot of time explaining the paths towards better API security to customers. OAuth, OWASP, OIDC, SCA, IDPs, RPs, North-South, East-West, Meshes: welcome to the alphabet soup of API Security where there are no maps, lots of obstacles and detours, and threats from all sides.

Do you feel a bit lost? You are not alone.

To consider and apply API security effectively, we need to understand where we are and where we need to go. We need to know the tools we have available and who our allies are. Finally, we need a clear path and priorities on what we can accomplish and how. In this webinar, weโ€™ll lay out a reference architecture to ensure we understand the scope, challenges, and approach to secure your APIs and organization as a whole.

We will use real use cases to illustrate the various threats and abuse APIs are exposed to.

Topics for discussion:
– Whatโ€™s the landscape? What is in bounds vs out of bounds?
– What are the most common obstacles? How can we overcome them?
– Where have others failed before us? How can we avoid the same?



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