Live Webinar: Integrating 42Crunch API Contract Security Testing within Postman


42Crunch and Postman strive to provide developers the best platforms to develop and test APIs. 42Crunch complements Postman by providing additional capabilities to audit OpenAPI definitions, and discovering potential flaws in the security design of the APIs and data flows, including:
– Mass Assignment issues due to loose request schemas
– Data/Exception leakage issues due to loose response schemas
– Weak authentication schemes
– Injection vulnerabilities due to loose parameter and request payloads definitions

In this webinar, we will explain how to get the best of Postman and 42Crunch together to:

1. Develop your APIs, mock and test them
2. Leverage 42Crunchโ€™s public collection to easily execute security audit from Postman UI
3. Automate 42Crunch tools in CI/CD at design time



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