Webinar – Build Secure APIs in VS Code with Instant API Security Testing


The DevSecOps’ movement has resulted in vendors providing tools for developers inside their IDEs. Many of the security tools integrated into the IDE unfortunately leave a lot to be desired –  slow scanning times, noisy results, and no real added productivity value to busy developers.

However, the 42Crunch VS Code API security audit integration is a complete game changer, evidenced by the nearly half a million downloads in the marketplace. Developers have come to love the powerful OpenAPI audit facilities, but with the recent release of this plugin, developers can now audit and test their APIs almost instantly as they code.

Join Colin Domoney (Chief Technology Evangelist at 42Crunch) as he demonstrates the new powerful features:

  • Audit existing OpenAPI definitions for data and security best practices.
  • Powerful remediation guidance from the industry’s largest OpenAPI knowledge base.
  • Validate the conformance of your API against the contract within seconds.
  • Identify any unexpected API behavior such as:
    • Incorrectly responding to undefined verbs.
    • Unexpected responses to error conditions.
    • Malformed responses to operations (excessive information exposure)
    • Incorrect handling of edge-case input (fuzzing of inputs).
    • Other undefined behavior.

Get the best of both worlds with this new VS Code extension — improve your API security whilst improving your coding efficiency.


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