Webinar – API Security Today and the OWASP API Security Top 10 Challenges – Third and Final Episode


In this third and final episode Dr. Philippe De Ryck, Web Security Expert with Pragmatic Web Security and Colin Domoney of 42Crunch and APISecurity.io. address one-by-one, the remaining 5 OWASP API Challenges:
  • Issue 4: Lack of resources & rate limiting.
  • Issue 7: Security misconfiguration.
  • Issue 8: Injection.
  • Issue 9: Improper assets management.
  • Issue 10: Insufficient logging and monitoring.
Through detailed practical examples and use cases, they guide developers and security professionals through how to fix and secure their APIs in the face of these identified threats.
Why attend?:
  • APIs are the number one attack surface for hackers, learn how to protect your business today.
  • Industry-leading API Security experts coach you on how to improve the security posture of your APIs.
  • Guidance on how implementing security at design and run-time protects APIs throughout the lifecycle.



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