42Crunch Webinar – Mastering Secure API Development with GitHub and 42Crunch


With over 100 million users and 330 million repositories, GitHub has become the de facto home of software development. GitHub has become so much more than purely a Git repository hosting platform. With features such as repository forking, pull requests, and, most notably, GitHub Actions is now a one-stop development platform.

42Crunch is the developer-first API security platform with plugins for VS Code and GitHub to automate the process of building secure APIs right in the developer’s natural environment.

Join Colin Domoney (โ€‹โ€‹Chief Technology Evangelist at 42Crunch) as he takes a deep dive with live demos into how 42Crunch combines with GitHub to facilitate secure API development:

This practical demo will showcase the following:

  • Discover OpenAPI definitions automatically within repositories.
  • Audit OpenAPI definitions in GitHub Actions and view results alongside other code scanning tools all in a single view.
  • Scan your API for security vulnerabilities directly within GitHub Actions.
  • Deploy the 42Crunch API firewall within GitHub Actions.
  • Protect your main branch by performing automated testing of APIs directly within the pull request process, allowing informed risk-based decisions for reviewers.
  • Using the 42Crunch GitHub application to enrich the pull request annotations further, allowing better decision-making for the reviewer.
  • Drive the entire process without ever leaving VS Code!

Learn how to seamlessly integrate 42Crunch within GitHub to prevent vulnerable APIs from ever entering your repository.


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